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Network Security Course in Chandigarh

The advancement in technology and the increasing popularity of the Internet has resulted in a great threat among companies, i.e. cybercrime and data stealing. They live in a constant fear that hackers can hack into their systems anytime and steal crucial information which is worth millions. So, they’ve started recruiting professionals who can help them prevent and counter such network-attacks. This has resulted in the increasing demand for Network security experts in companies and various Network Security institutes has been opened.

Seeing this, one of the most prominent Training Institute in Chandigarh, Techedo has brought this wonderful training course which will help you make a glorious career in the IT industry. Now, you no longer need to search for queries like Best Network Security Course near me as you’re getting this amazing course here.

Why do you need to do this Network security course?

As the cases of data theft and information stealing are pretty common these days, it has become necessary for companies to hire people who specialize in detecting and eliminating Network security threats.

Skill Development

  • Cloud Security
  • SpecialistsThreat
  • IntelligenceSecurity program development
  • Cyber security auditors
  • Large scale data analysis
  • Encryption

In our Network Security Training Course we will learn about Firewall evasion, network and server security breach, and pocketcrafting, etc.

Firewall Training

Firewall Training

The cyber-world is enhancing its capabilities every day. The advent of new technologies and innovations has made our lives and industrial processes better.

Firewall Training


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Network Security Course in Chandigarh


45 Days , 90 Days , 6 Months(Industrial Training, Unlimited Learning | 100% placement), 9 Months(Diploma Course with Certification | 100% job experience)


SCO 134-135-136 First Floor Above Axis Bank Sector 34-A Chandigarh


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Job Opportunities

Network Security
Digital Marketing
Graphic Designing
Software Development
Data Analyst
Cloud Computing


Our Success is the fact that we have provided 100% job opportunities and placements to all the students, we always look after their skill-building, Today we say it proudly that 90% of our students are placed in well reputed IT companies and 6% got selected in Global IT brands like HCL, Microsoft, TCS, Accenture, Ericsson and more. Now we are providing 100% job oriented skill development in 40% less Fee with lifetime free enrolment.

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Network security

The very first step to becoming a Cyber security expert is to learn how to secure your network from threats. Hence, we’ll teach you about various network threats and how to counter them.

We’ll also tell you techniques like Firewall evasion, network and server security breach, and pocket crafting, etc.

Operating System and Database security

The module will cover the threats that an operating system or a database can face and the security measures we can take to prevent them. We’ll also teach you about remote computer hacking.

Website and app security

In this part, we’ll learn about how websites and apps work, how hackers launch attacks on them, and how can you prevent such attacks from happening.

Why should you do your Cyber security training from Techedo Chandigarh?

When it comes to offering Cyber Security Courses in Chandigarh, we’ve have a rich track record. Our teaching methods are quite well-known and many of our students are working at elite positions in top MNCs. So, if you decide to do your training with us, we can assure that you’ll have a great scope and learning opportunities. You’ll get to learn from the best who will make you expand your wisdom and explore deep knowledge. Moreover, we offer you an ultimate learning environment that you’ll not get anywhere else. So, we can’t think of any reasons why you shouldn’t choose us.

So, if interested, you can enrol by either giving us a call, or by shooting an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Following will be the duration for this course:

  • 6 Months PHP Professional training
  • 3 Months PHP Professional training
  • 45-day mid-semester PHP training

So, for which course are you interested in?