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Python training in Chandigarh

Techedo Technologies provides the best Python training in Chandigarh. As Python is very understandable and readable language, hence it is very easy for beginners to learn the language. It is a suitable language for students who want to learn programming because it is an interpreted language. The course includes the basic as well as the advanced learning of the language. Also, this course includes the practical and industrial training which gives the students more confidence about what they have learnt during the training.This programing language is a complete package, it can be used as- Python for Web Development, Software development, Application development, Server-side scripting, etc.

Our institute provides the best Python course in Chandigarh. This is a certification course that means the student will be given the certification after the completion of the course and hence, the institute provides 100% placement guarantee. Also, the faculty has high quality teaching experience. Python holds a very bright future in upcoming years because of the usage of Python in many websites and applications such as Netflix, Instagram, Uber, Youtube, Reddit, etc. That means it has large amount of Job opportunities.


Python is high level dynamic programming language. It is quite easy to learn and provides powerful typing. Phyton code has a very natural style to it, in that it is easy to read and understand. This programming language runs on any platform, ranging from Windows to Linux to Macintosh, Solaris etc. Python can be used to develop different applications like web applications, graphic user inetrface based applications, software development applications, network programming, Games and 3D applications and other business applications. One can acquire handy knowledge on these applications from any Python Institute in Chandigarh.

Career in Pyhton Profile

Python language has great future because presently hundreds of reputed companies are using phyton language for eg. Netflix, IBM, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Nokia and many more. You can start as Software Developer and later change the role of data scientist.

Various career prospective in Python :-
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Research Analyst
  • Python Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Business Analytics
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    Why python, not other programming languages?

    Python is a very understandable and readable language that is it is an expressive language. Javascript is not a suitable language for beginners as it is not 'easy to get started' language. R-language is not a suitable language for beginners because of its complexity.
    It is a suitable language for beginners because it is an interpreted language. as in makes the debugging easy. It is a complex language and that is why it is not an interpreted language. It is a complex language because it is mostly used for statistical purposes.
    It is cross-platform language ie it can work on Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh, etc. That's why it is a portable language. It is also cross-platform language as it's operations can be performed on Linux, Unix and Macintosh. It is a cross-platform language that is it can be operated on multiple operating systems.
    It is open-source and it is freely available on the official web address. It is not an open-source language. It is also open-source language, consist of over 12,000 packages available in CRAN.
    It offers highly flexible parameter blocks for methods and functioning. It does not offer flexible parameters, it makes sure that all the parameters should be specified. It offers less flexible parameters if compared to python, in functions and arguments.
    It has a large standard library that provides an abundant set of modules and functions for the quick development of the application. It has a very limited standard library, that is it has very few modules. It has all aspects of the standard library and hence, useful for programming many general tasks without the installation of additional libraries.
    It can be easily coordinated with other languages such as C, C++ and java. It does not coordinate with other languages as the codes used in other languages can not be used in it. It does not coordinate with other languages, therefore codes of other languages such as C and C++ can not be used in this language.
    It has a lot of job opportunities and also has a high pay scale. It does not have very huge amount of job opportunities. If compared to python, R-language does not have many job opportunities.

    The simplicity of Phyton is what makes it so popular. The following gives a highlight of its aesthetics:-

  • Highly readable language.
  • Clean visual layout.
  • Less syntactic exceptions.
  • elegant and dynamic typing
  • Fit for many platforms.
  • Ideal for scripting and rapid application.
  • Anyone with the basic knowledge of programming can join this wonderful Python Training Institute. Apart from this, if you’re also a developer, designer, or a Quality Analyst working in a Software Company in Chandigarh – you can go for this course to make yourself more eligible professionally.

    Benefits of Python over other Programming language

    The diverse application of Python language is a result of combination of features which gives this language an edge over other languages . It is easy to learn and good for starting out beacuse of its simple syntax. We can create GUI and CGI in few lines of code. It takes lesser time than Java. Its code is 5 to 10 times shorter than C++ Code. Its supports common programming methodolgies such as data structure and object oriented programming. Moreover , it is simple and easy to learn beacuse of its lclear syntax and readibilty.

    Some other benefits include :-

    1- Python pacakge index (PyPI) contains many third party modules that makes it capable of interacting with most of other languages and platforms.

    2- Phyton provides a large standard library like internet protocols, string operations and web service tools which reduces length of code to be written significantly.

    3- Pyhton language is free to use and distribute, including for commercial purposes

    4- Python offers excellent readability and simple -to-learn syntax which help begginners to utilize this language.

    5- Phyton has built in list and dictonary data structures which can be used to construct fast runtime data structures.

    6- Phyton has clean object oriented design and its own unit testing framework which contribute to the increase in its speed and productivity.

    Eligibility for learning Python:

    Python courses in Chandigarh can be learned without the prior knowledge of any other programming language, the only requirement is that you know the basics and working knowledge of computer operations. Prior exposure to object oriented programming concepts is not required, but definitely beneficial.

    Data Base Data Science course in Chandigarh


    Python Programming Course Duration may vary from minimum 2 months to maximum 6 months. Python fundamentals and its many applications requires 2 months of regular course from any Python training institutes in Chandigarh. For further advanced level, you can switch to on-job trainings provided by any good Python training institute.

    Python Syllabus
    • Introduction
    • Environment Setup
    • Basic syntax
    • Variable types
    • Basic operators
    • Decision making operators
    • Numbers
    • Strings
    • Lists
    • Tuples
    • Dictionary
    • Date & time
    • Iterative Methods
    • Functions
    • Modules
    • Files I/O
    • Exception Handling
    • Classes/Objects
    • Database Connectivity

    What will the course include?

    Basics of Python

    Before mastering any martial art, you work on your basics moves first. Similarly, before learning Python, we’ll teach you its fundamentals.

    So, in this module, we’ll learn about the history of the language, it’s installing, execution, Python keywords, Python statements, command line arguments, etc. We’ll also teach you to write your first program in Python.

    Data types and Variables

    Once you’ve mastered the basics, your proper training will start in which we’ll begin teaching you about data types and types of variables.

    Decision making instructions

    The third module is about control flow, loops, and decision making instructions. They play a crucial role in programming. Hence, it’s the most important part of your study.


    In this part, we’ll talk about function, function arguments, the process of calling functions, etc.


    As Python is a modular programming language, it’s important to have a thorough knowledge of modules. So, in this part, we’ll teach you about importing modules, standard system and operating system module, packages, etc.

    Files and Directories

    In this module, we’ll teach you how to work with modules and directories.

    How will this best Python Course in Chandigarh benefit you?

    As there is high demand of Python certified experts in Chandigarh, the course will offer you a myriad of job scopes. You’ll be eligible for various job interviews and will be given more preference over other candidates. In short,this is your key to a golden career in IT. All you need is to take a step forward.

    Why should you do your Python training from Techedo Chandigarh?

    Being one of the best professional training institutes in Chandigarh, we’re equipped with avant-garde facilities along with a highly qualified staff and a serene environment for learning. Here, we offer you the opportunities to learn things by doing not just by cramming. Our rich track record, clearly proves our calibre.

    7 leading applications built using Python

    Python has become one of the eminent programming languages because of its illustrious performance and features. Tons of applications and websites are built on python. It’s easy to use and even non-programmers can handle this high-level programming language.

    Here is the list of top 7 applications having an enormous list of users which were built on Python:


    Netflix is the leading television network providing video content to millions of its subscribers. With approximately 139 million paid users, Netflix is available in more than 190 countries. Netflix uses tools to build on python for automation tasks, visualization, data exploration, and building its recommendation and analytics engine.


    Instagram is a prominent social networking service allowing photos and video sharing to its users. Every day about 95 million photos and videos are shared and almost 500 million Instagram stories are uploaded.The backend of Instagram is written in Python using Django; a fast, secure high-level python framework. It still uses the same framework.


    It is a video hosting service used by many individuals as well as production houses to grow audiences for their video content and products. Daily, close to 5 billion videos are watched with almost 30 million visitors every single day.YouTube is written mostly in Python to control templates, administrating and viewing videos, etc.


    Uber is a company providing ridesharing and other transportation services accessed through their application with more than 75 million active users spread over 83 countries and 785 metropolitan cities making transportation cheaper and faster.Most of the services run by Uber are made in Python and tornado, a python web framework.


    Spotify is a digital music service operated through an application with over 180 million active users out of which more than 83 million are paid subscribers. Most of the developments at Spotify are done through python.


    Dropbox is a sharing platform based on the cloud. Almost 1.5 billion files are shared on Dropbox by more than 500 million users. Dropbox is written in python and also has its python implementation, Pyston.


    Reddit is a website for news, various content and discussions having more than 430 million users making it the 7th most visited website in the world. Reddit was rewritten in python because of its astonishing features to keep with its huge size and scale.

    After looking at the above statistics of big companies whose applications were built on Python, leaves us with no doubt that why python is the most preferred language.