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C Programming Course In Chandigarh

Basic Concepts of Computer Programming are introduced, starting with the notion of an algorithm. Emphasis is on developing the ability to write programs to solve practical computational problems.Students who want to begin with our C Programming Course will get knowledge to understand logics, syntax and get chance to write by their own.Our Training Course of programming deals with basic coding, and this ultimately establish solid foundation for your programming career.

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Techedo Technologies expert trainer will make you learn each and every aspect of programming that you need while learning any language in future.

Topics include:

  • Algorithms
  • Elements of C/C++ programming languages
  • Basic data types
  • Sequential and conditional execution
  • Iterative solutions
  • Arrays, matrices and their applications
  • Functions
  • Sorting and searching
  • Elements of string processing
  • Introduction to pointers
  • Basics of Software Engineering
  • Structures
  • File Processing

What you'll learn

  • Basic programming skills
  • To write C/C++ programs to solve real world computational problems.
  • Good programming practices
  • How to handle large and complex programs.

C Programming Course

This Course main objective for the student to develop primary programming skills upto the higher end in order solve the different programming logics. The students can able write different type of logics at the end of the sessions. After learning the C course the student can able get all the fundamental knowledge in all the languages. After Completion the student can able to attend any MNC Company interview and can solve the technical rounds both theoretically and Practically. We Provide lot of logical examples to make as good as.

C++ Programming Course

The main objective student can able to implement the applications can develop the Programs with classes and objects. The developed application of C can change into with classes and can add all the Object Oriented Concepts. Developing in C++ the application is more optimized and efficient than C.

Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) C++

The prime purpose of C++ Programming was to add object orientation to the C Programming Language, which is in itself one of the most powerful programming languages.

The core of the pure object-oriented programming is to create an object, in code, that has certain properties and methods. While designing C++ modules, we try to see whole world in the form of objects. For example a car is an object which has certain properties such as color, number of doors, and the like. It also has certain methods such as accelerate, brake, and so on.

Polymorphism in C++

The word polymorphism means having many forms. Typically, polymorphism occurs when there is a hierarchy of classes and they are related by inheritance.

C++ polymorphism means that a call to a member function will cause a different function to be executed depending on the type of object that invokes the function. In our course we will cover virtual functions and pure virtual function.

C# Course

Belong to family of C, C# (C Sharp) is one of the most powerful and flexible programming language. It takes basic concepts of C programming like loop, conditional statement, functions and other in the list. Our C# Training Course will help to gain knowledge of all aspects of C Sharp programming.

C# has the SIMPLICITY of Java, the POWER of C++ and the PRODUCTIVITY of Visual Basic.Learning C# is the ideal choice for all Dot Net developers for building applications as it is widely used throughout multiple programming disciplines. Learning c# language from

Best Dot Net Training’s online sessions would guarantee the candidate with an in-depth knowledge experience of C# starting from the basics.

Objective C

Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds Small talk-style messaging to the C programming language. This is the main programming language used by Apple for the OS X and iOS operating systems and their respective APIs, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. This reference will take you through simple and practical approach while learning Objective-C Programming language.

Everything C can do, Objective-C can do too, but not the other way around. All the object oriented syntax and operations are derived from Small Talk. All the non-object oriented syntax and operations are identical to C. Since it lies on top of C, it is possible to compile any C program with an Objective-C compiler, and to freely include C code within an Objective-C class.


SQL or Structured Query Language is a de-facto standard and a standard language for accessing today's most popular databases. In our institute our advanced SQL course will teach you and make you proficient in using SQL to access and manipulate data in various popular databases. There are many popular databases uses SQL as their language like MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and other database systems being used in web development. Following are the few topics that we will cover in our course.

Candidate must know basics of computer and internet only. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Access or any other database would be an added advantage.


In this XML Training Class, you will learn to create well-formed XML documents, to build simple DTDs and XML Schema for validating XML documents, and to build XSLTs for transforming XML documents into XHTML and other XML structures.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a set of rules for encoding documents electronically. It is defined in the produced by Techedo and several other related specifications, which all are fee-free open standards. Our XML Training Course covers both basic and XML concepts, including XML Schema.

C Programming Course in Chandigarh


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