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Best Institution for Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing course in Chandigarh is provided by Techedo Technologies. Digital marketing has been becoming the greatest asset in today’s tech savvy world. It has been growing rapidly in the world of online business. It is one of the best job-oriented courses, and best suitable course for the freshers, working professionals and business professionals. The course includes SEO (search engine optimisation) to Social Media marketing and from mobile marketing to email marketing, it includes all aspects of digital marketing.

Our institute is the best digital marketing institute in Chandigarh, due to various reasons. Firstly, our faculty has high proficiency in practical training and has minimum 4 years of experience. Secondly, our institute provides certification in in the course and finally, guarantees 100 % placement after the completion of the course. Also, Digital Marketing has a lot of job opportunities, therefore, interested students should enrol in the course provided by are institute.

In the internet era, the people utilize the best course for improving the career in a better way. The digital marketing continues to grow at the fast pace. The people have to look at the Best Digital Marketing Courses that offered by the well-known institution. If you are looking for the best institution, the Techedo is the right choice for you. We not only provide the marketing courses and also provide different courses to the students and others. This type of course is suitable for the students, working professionals and business professionals. You can reach us and get the best course.

Syllabus of digital marketing course:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Seo training in Chandigarh is the primary module of the course. It comes with the two different things like on page optimization and off page optimization. We completely teach everything about the search engine optimization and you learn the strategy involved in it. In on page and off page optimization, we teach about the content optimization, keyword research, sitemap optimization, social bookmarking, classified submission and lot more to you. You can utilize the online class and learn the course perfectly.

Social media optimization (SMO)

We teach how to use social media channels to market the products. You can ensure the proper channel and drive more traffic to the website. From this module, you can learn how to work with the facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and others. It is a great way for you to improve the web presence of the product with this module.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Smm training in Chandigarh, as per a survey this has been admitted that an average person is simultaneously spending more time on social media, this discloses the importance of social media marketing, in this module, you can learn the internet marketing strategy for selling the products and services to the customer. We teach about social networking websites. With it, you can learn the brand exposure and wide customer reach using both free and paid techniques.

Pay per click (PPC)

Pay per click training in Chandigarh is a very demanding and essential part of online marketing training these days, another important module of the digital marketing course. You can study more about how to get advertising services. We definitely teach you to operate the PPC campaign in an effective manner. You can gain more leads and conversion to the business.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing course in Chandigarh is one of the most influential marketing strategies today as most of the customers use to serf a lot and love watching video online, very useful for marketing the products promotions and make money online. We cover the necessary things in the module and how to improve the successful channel. You can post the video content of the products on the YouTube channel using both free and paid techniques.

Web server management

If you want to work in IT Company as Digital professional digital marketing developer then you must be aware of online server setup, website optimization and website deploying techniques. In Techedo we will prepare you for the IT industry and let you know each and every aspect of first party domain and server setup.

WordPrees skills (both .com and .org)

Today’s market is full of opportunities for WordPress developers, making this essential for the students we have included this module in our wordpress training. You will get to learn each and every essential aspect of and including all 3rd, 1st party and paid software’s.

Mobile marketing

According to the researches more then 60% of internet users are addicted to mobile devices for internet surfing, taking that account a student must understand the importance of mobile device marketing, in this module we will teach how you can use mobile friendly websites, adds, messages, social media etc. for making your product more and more famous and raise your sales.

Influential marketing

You often have seen that the respective products you searched online comes as adds on other websites too, the reason behind is Influential marketing, companies study the user’s online behavior and implement ads using cookies and other sources, you will come to know about how to study user’s behaviors this course and tools use for it.

Content creation and marketing

Content marketing is one of the essential parts of digital marketing; users reach the website through its keywords mentioned in the content so both plays very important role in ranking a website. In Techedo we provide best content writing course in Chandigarh the techniques of creative, technical, conceptual writing and other ways of content writing/ market the content you wrote.

Keyword marketing

Every user search anything on internet using a keyword this is how much keyword marketing is important in online promotions. We can say that content marketing is one of the most important.

Tasks of digital marketing that’s why we put most of the time on this module of online marketing

Here in Techedo we teach best techniques of keyword marketing using manual and toolbased techniques of keyword research, keyword planning, keyword evaluation, keyword implementation etc.

Online reputation management (ORM)

ORM is a technique to enhance the reputation of any product, company or person. This is very useful for the big brands and companies providing services and products online. At Techeco student get to learn best orm course in Chandigarh using paid and free tools.

Inbound and outbound marketing

Both inbound and out bound marketing are important for making a product or service popular, inbound marketing course in Chandigarh includes television and radio advertising, print media advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, and outdoor advertising, though outbound marketing course in Chandigarh includes making strategy that will focuses on attracting customers and leads via company-created Internet content, thereby having potential customers come to the company rather than marketers vying for their attention to make own client base.

Multimedia marketing

This form of marketing is same as its name tells about itself, a combination of the different form of media combined together help to make the product famous and generate good traffic.

Join venture marketing

In join venture marketing course Chandigarh you will get to know about how can more then one company can combine and make strategies of marketing together for better results.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a new and different form of marketing by taking the help of third party users to market the product and generate inline money, we will make you learn all aspects of affiliate marketing in thus course.

Email marketing:

From this module, you can learn the different ways to collect the email database. We teach the ways to target the audience and send the bulk emails to them. From the digital marketing course, you can cover all the necessary aspects. You can reach our institution and learn the course to improve the career.

E-Commerce marketing

Learn how to Market your products on different e-commerce and marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart etc. websites is all about module of e-commerce marketing. You may also market someone else’s e- commerce products using different online platform, Learn all these techniques in this module.

Google Search Factors

There are many search factors on the basis of search engine ranks or drop any element, learn everything about it.

SEM & Search Algorithm

learn how search engine works, all about Google algorithm and search engine marketing.

Project Management

First time in a Digital marketing course is offering that part which is used by professional Digital marketing executives in IT companies, learn how to manage a big level digital marketing project using CRM and other tools.

Delivery and Research Management

Learn how to research on different portals for data along with the presentation skills of project delivery and quarterly/yearly status delivery.

Data Sciences for Digital marketing

Learn how to analyze, redrive, process, crunch and evaluate the data using tools and Programming/Database platforms

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Our Certification

AdWords Fundamentals Certificate Bing Certificate Digital Sales Certification Facebook and Instagram Certificate Facebook SDK Certificate Introduction to Instagram Software Mobile Sites Certification Marketing in Facebook Certificate

At Techedo, one can able to learn everything in a simple way. Over the past few years, we gain huge reputation in the industry for providing the better services to you. You can visit our institutes and learn the course you want. Before attending the course, you can check the free structure. This is important for you and provides the correct fee to our institution. You can follow the module involved in the Digital Marketing Training.

Student Testimonials
Complete Digital Marketing Course

Complete Digital Marketing Course

At Techedo, one can able to learn everything in a simple way. Over the past few years, we gain huge reputation in the industry for providing...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Course

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Course

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PPC Course

PPC Course

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Content Writing and Marketing Course

Content Writing & Marketing Course

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Social Network Advertising

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YouTube Marketing

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Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Techedo Industrial Training in Digital Marketing helps students to fill gap between college theoretical education and practical knowledge required for industry.

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Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh


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Our Success is the fact that we have provided 100% job opportunities and placements to all the students, we always look after their skill-building, Today we say it proudly that 90% of our students are placed in well reputed IT companies and 6% got selected in Global IT brands like HCL, Microsoft, TCS, Accenture, Ericsson and more. Now we are providing 100% job oriented skill development in 40% less Fee with lifetime free enrolment.

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Why chose Techedo for Digital marketing course in Chandigarh?

  • Techedo is the only instate in Tricity having a team of experts with minimum 4 year of experience in IT companies for the training and they have worked with big brands of IT industry while most of the instates has freelancers or teachers with no experience of IT industry.
  • We always encourage our students and prepare them to work as an executive or expert level for IT companies though others will prepare you for beginner level or sales profiles.
  • We give all the study material to the student though focus on the project tasks and online websites, the work experience that will help them to join IT industry as an experienced developer unlike a fresher who only got most theory and lesser experience of work.
  • Our basic idea of training is that “A teacher can make you work like a teacher, a freelancer will also make you a freelancer but an IT expert developer will teach how to work in IT companies and what are the tools that will help you there.
  • We always focus to work on live websites with student to let him understand the process of live working while other keep wasting your time on theory, videos, notes, partial online work or third party domain work which is so old school.
  • We believe in quality instead showing off the how much quantity we are providing as every student comes to know after college too that studying books is not helpful to get you a job only work experience does, our prime focus is to prepare the student to get a job in big IT companies and MNC not as sales executive in companies having lesser IT and more sales process.