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Cloud Computing Course in Chandigarh

Techedo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is the leading company providing Cloud Computing Course in Chandigarh with a dedicated team of cloud associates and Security admins. Senior lead of our cloud team Mr. Ankit Sharma has more than 5 years of experience in Cloud and Security at some of the top companies like IBM, HCL etc. Has spent more than one year with the overseas projects at locations like Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Viana & Hungry. Working on that level he knows every aspect of cloud and security, that level of trainer we are providing here for your Cloud computing training in Chandigarh programme.

What is Cloud?

A simplest definition of cloud is a service provider, it may provide you a software as service (SAAS), any platform as service (PAAS) like operating systems, applications, and coding platforms, It also provides infrastructure as service (IAAS) for examples virtual machines, servers etc. for more explanation you may play the audio lecture displayed at the top left of the page or call our cloud consultant, we are the best institute for cloud training

Benefits of cloud computing

Benefits of cloud computing is that it reduces dependency on hardware since the cost of hardware, we may have our SERVER | RAM | ROM | CRM | DATABASE | SOFTWARES and much more services on cloud which we use to buy, install and place in our real life.

We provide training in cloud for the top platforms like:
Google Cloud

Google Cloud

TECHEDO Chandigarh offers an inclusive Cloud Computing training in Chandigarh. The extensive practical training provided by Cloud Computing training institute in Chandigarh

AWS (Amazon Web Service)

AWS (Amazon Web Service)

Greetings from Techedo! We offer top-class AWS (Amazon Web Server) classes in Chandigarh. We flaunt to have a veteran staff of AWS educators

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Techedo offers the best Microsoft Azure courses in Chandigarh. We employ phenomenal training methodologies that consume less time and produce better results. Each member

Our Trainers

Techedo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Has the most talented and elite staff for AWS training in Chandigarh, MR. ANKIT SHARMA has a wide experience of working with big IT companies like HCL & IBM, He has exposure of working in 5 European countries and experience 4 years in Cloud Solution Architect and Security

Scope of Cloud computing

Let’s just give you an example that how big cloud is going to be within coming years and how much it has captured of today’s IT market.

Top companies adopted and providing cloud services are:
  • 1- Amazon
  • 2- Microsoft
  • 3- Google
  • 4- IBM
  • 5- Oracle
  • 6- Vmware
  • 7- Salesforce
  • 8- Opennebula
  • 9- Dell
  • 10- Adobe
  • 11- Digitalocean
  • 12- Kamatera
  • 13- Quadranet
  • 14- Alibaba
  • 15- Pivotal
  • 16- Cloudsigma
  • 17- Massivegrid
  • 18- Quadranet
  • 19- Verizon cloud
  • 20- Limestone

And so on, All big brands in IT have started cloud service or planning to start it, according to an estimate 90% of the service market, Public cloud market will hit the mark of 183 Billion $ in 2019, No words to say that how big this line going to be, Connecting with big market will give you really big opportunities, Contact us today to get cloud computing certification courses, some of the top Indian companies having cloud profiles are:

Levels of Cloud Training:

1- Basic Level includes 2- Associate Level (Solution Architect) 3- Expert level (Solution Architect Expert)
  • Introduction of Cloud
  • Why Cloud Technology matters to India
  • Cloud’s Traditional Infrastructure
  • Cloud Infrastructural advantages
  • Kay attributes
  • Examples
  • Segments of Cloud
  • Deployment Methods
  • Cloud Security
  • All Cloud Services with examples
  • Amazon simple storage service (s3)
  • Elastic Cloud computing (ec2)
  • Blob storage
  • SQL database
  • Google application engine
  • Introduction to the AWS
  • Amazon simple storage service (s3)
  • Elastic Cloud computing (ec2)
  • Relational Database service (RDS)
  • Elastic Load balancing (ELB)
  • Scaling the application using Amazon ELB
  • Auto Scaling
  • Amazon virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Load balancers
  • Amazon route 53
  • Dynamo DB & Red shift
  • AWS security
  • AWS Monitoring
  • High Availability and Business continuity
  • Costing
  • Deployment Management
  • Network design for large and small deployment
  • Data storage for large and small deployment
  • Security
  • Scalability and elasticity
  • Cloud Migration and Hybrid architecture
4- Cloud Developer
5- Cloud Security

For more information about these modules and join our new and exclusive best cloud training online contact our Cloud consultants today, we have limited seats for online training programme as this is the online cloud computing courses in India, CALL us today and book your seats!

Other training programmes:


(development and operations) Devops is a software tool used to enhance the improve the functional quality between two business units, it has different Realtime operational functions to bring Development | Testing | Operations all terms together to enhance the overall performance, it simply enhances a normal software development procedure. For Devops training in Chandigarh visit our office.


VMware is an advance software that allows to setup many virtual machines in single system, for example you may set a virtual network, virtual server etc. which work as real systems but they will be virtual, VMWARE course in Chandigarh we will learn all.


A small and required part of Linix Training we include in the cloud, there is no need to learn all modules of Linux for any cloud training, how ever for the upper profiles of cloud it may require.


Shell is associated to the scripting and power shell is an automation task to configure the Microsoft framework, for power shell training in Chandigarh.

DB explorer-

Database explorer works as a relation between process of accessing RD (Relational database) SQL and analyzation by any tool (MATLAB for an example)Here we provide DB Explorer Training in Chandigarh for professionals of cloud and students too.

Cloud Computing Course in Chandigarh


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Our Success is the fact that we have provided 100% job opportunities and placements to all the students, we always look after their skill-building, Today we say it proudly that 90% of our students are placed in well reputed IT companies and 6% got selected in Global IT brands like HCL, Microsoft, TCS, Accenture, Ericsson and more. Now we are providing 100% job oriented skill development in 40% less Fee with lifetime free enrolment.

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