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PHP Framework Course in Chandigarh

Techedo offers a vibrant and unique of PHP frameworks Course that covers all widely used frameworks in IT industry. Our single curriculum will make you educated and trained about all the basic and advance skills. During our PHP Framework Course we will give both practical and theoretical knowledge of cake PHP, Laravel, Smarty, Zend, Codeigniter, and Yii. Our team of expert developers will give you live work experience of the projects based on particular framework. You will get a chance to create project on PHP Framework by yourself simultaneously that help you to get knowledge of a Professional Software Developer.

In this course making websites and web applications on frameworks will help you to boost up your career and will give a jump in your technical profile. Our PHP Framework Training also focus more on making you learn PHP skills. As, PHP is the one of the most popular and vibrant programming language for website and web application. From small business website/blog to social media monster Facebook most of the websites has got PHP main backend language. You will also get surprised to know that most popular CMS (Content Management System) WordPress has been developed in PHP language. In the very beginning it was designed to handle back-end process of web pages, but now it PHP has evolved as a high level language as JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, SQL and asit can run on multiple devices using MVC structure and many frameworks


Laravel is a free, open source PHP framework for modern web apps. It is based on Symfony and designed for the development of web apps that follow MVC architectural pattern. Due to its elegance and stability this PHP Framework is very popular in developer community. Laravel provides features like various ways of accessing relational DB, application deployment and maintenance.

Using Laravel Framework developers can easily start and maintain their work as comes with built in support for database migrations, object-relational mapping, routing, and authentication. With our Laravel Course will get from learn basics like configuring the framework to apply advanced skills using databases.


From the time of its introduction only CakePHP is one the most popular frameworks between developer due to features like no configuration, caching, validation, built in translations, database access, authentication, etc. Along with this Cake PHP framework also support high end security for web apps and website developed on it.

Yii PHP framework

Recently Yii PHP framework latest version Yii2 has been rolled out for developers along with features such as easy installation and others in the list. It comes with built in and easy to use security features, that is extensible and encourages testing. Yii2 PHP framework comes with prebuilt support of advanced PHP features like late static binding, SPL Classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.


Loosely based on model–view–controller (MVC) development pattern CodeIgniter is known as a faster and lighter PHP framework. It is very popular among developers due to its speed as compared to other framework based on PHP. Using CodeIgniter, developer can pay more attention to creativity as they are not hindered by strict rules like other frameworks do. It also allows to be modified to use Hierarchical Model View Controller which allows developers to maintain modular grouping of Controller, Models and View arranged in a sub-directory format. You can easily create content management system (CMS) using this speedy framework.

Zend Framework

Licensed under the New BSD License, Zend Framework is an open source web application framework that is based on PHP7. It allows developers to use MVC in combination with Front Controller solution. Zend Framework is not only used to develop website but also for by developer to make web applications and mobile applications. As in the recent time, use of mobile and desktop application has grown rapidly so this PHP based framework is very important to learn. In our Zend Framework Training Course we also includes five main areas MVC implementation it.


Smarty is a web template allowing the separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic. It is based on PHP Programming Language. Using Smarty front-end of a website can be changed separately from its back-end.