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Node.js Course in Chandigarh

Welcome to Techedo, one of the leading professional training institutes in sector-34 Chandigarh.

We have brought you this Unique Node.js Training Course in Chandigarh. Intended for students and professionals developers, the course will prepare for this emerging milestone in the IT industry. Now, you no longer need to search for “Best Node.js training academies in Chandigarh” or “best node.js courses near me” as you can master the language with us and that too like a pro.

Who should do this Node.js course?

Professionals who want to gain experience in web development and want to work on end-to-end application development. Apart from this, students who wish to make a golden career in web development are also eligible.

The only requirement to apply for this course is that you should have brief knowledge and experience in JavaScript programming.

Course duration

  • 6 Months PHP Professional training
  • 3 Months PHP Professional training
  • 45-day mid-semester PHP training

Course Syllabus

Module 1. Introduction to Node.js RAM vs I/O latency

In this chapter, we’ll touch the basics of Node.js and learn about blocking and non-blocking, event-driven programming, event loops, Java script closures, etc.

Module 2. Downloading and Installing Node.js

The second chapter is all about downloading and installing the Node.js setup.

Module 3. Modules and npm anatomy of a module

Once you’ve mastered the basics and installed the setup, we’ll begin learning about modules and their npm anatomy.

Module 4. Callbacks and the Callback Pattern

In this module, we’ll learn about Callbacks and the Callback pattern. We will learn here through examples.

Module 5. Event Emitter

This chapter is about creating and using event emitters in programs.

Module 6. Error Handling

After this, we’ll move into error handling in which we’ll learn how to handle and fix the issues occurring in a program.

Module 7. Buffers

We’ll talk about creating, reading, writing, and manipulating buffers in this chapter.

Module 8. Stream

The final module of the program deals with the use of streams in the programming language.

Why should you do your Node.js training from Techedo?

Being one of the leading professional training institutes in sector 34, Chandigarh – we have a veteran staff of educators who are in the education field since decades and have helped many professionals reach their goals. The teaching and training methodologies they’ve provided have always offered us great results.

The dedication of our staff and our innovative learning techniques are the reason we are enlisted as the Best Node.js Training Institute in Chandigarh. So, if you’re trusting us for your training, we assure that you’ll grow and become a pro in node.js development. Just try us.

So, if interested, let us know. You can either shoot us an email or simply give us a call. You never know. This step might change your fate. So, try us.