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Oracle Course In Chandigarh

Greetings from Techedo! We are here to offer you the Best Oracle Courses in Chandigarh. We have a dedicated staff of educators with several years of expertise in cloud computing.

We offer a wide catalogue of specialized cloud computing programs that will prepare you for taking on all the challenges of the rapidly changing digital world with success and confidence. Your search for best Oracle Training Institutes in Chandigarh ends here.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a multi-model database management system commonly used for running online transactions, data warehousing, and mixed database workloads. It is managed and promoted by Oracle Corporation.

At present Oracle is used by various companies to manage their records in online databases and servers. One of the reasons behind this is that Oracle is secure and easy to maintain.

Important Uses of Oracle

  • Oracle databases are scalable. It’s so compatible that you can easily upgrade the whole system without any impact on the databases
  • Oracle databases are functional on all levels – be it maintaining important records or keeping the record of employees, you can use them
  • You can completely rely on them for data storage. All the records will be safe and well maintained
  • Oracle systems are completely secure with advanced safety protocols. Hence, they’re completely safe from cyber attacks

Perhaps that’s the reason Oracle systems are used everywhere to manage records and process important transactions and there is high demand for Oracle experts in companies.

Why you need to do this most amazing Oracle Course in Chandigarh?

Because we’re living in the time where a lot of information is needed to be managed. You can’t keep it in files because doing so will take a lot of time. Also, there is a risk of information damage if any natural disaster occurs. So, companies have started keeping these records in centralized servers so that they are maintained properly. Now, they need experts who can manage, update, and maintain these records.

This has resulted in the demand for Oracle certified experts in IT companies. So, if you’re looking for making a golden career in the IT field – this special Oracle course is your best bet. It’s a road that will lead you to a stable lifestyle and endless glory.

Oracle Training Syllabus

Introduction to DBMS

  • Approach to Data Management
  • Introduction to prerequisites
  • File and Filesystem
  • Disadvantages of file
  • Review of Database Management Terminology
  • Database Models
    • erarchal Model
    • Network Model
    • Relational Model

Introduction to RDBMS

  • Feature of RDBMS
  • Advantages of RDBMS over FMS ad DBMS
  • The 12 rules (E.F Codd’s Rules –RDBMS)
  • Need for Database Design
  • Support of Normalization Process for Data Management
  • Client-Server Technology
  • Oracle Corporation Products
  • Oracle Versions
  • About SQL&SQL*PLUS
  • erarchal Model
  • Network Model
  • Relational Model

Sub Language Commands

  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Data Retrieval Language (DRL)
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Transaction Control Language (TCL)
  • Database Security and Privileges (DCL)

Introduction to SQL Database Object

  • Oracle Pre Defined Datatypes
  • DDL Commands
  • Create, Alter (add, modify, rename, drop)Columns, Rename, truncate, drop
  • DML-Insert, update, delete
  • DQL-SELECT Statements using WHEREclause
  • Comparison and Conditional Operators
  • Arithmetic and Logical Operators
  • Working with DML, DRL Commands
  • Operators Support

Built-in Functions

  • Arithmetic Functions, Character Functions, Date Functions, Conversion Functions
  • Aggregate Functions, OLAP Functions & General Functions

Grouping the Result of a Query

  • Using Group by and Having Clause of DRL Statement
  • Using Order by clause

Course Duration

Following will be the duration of the course:

  • 6 Months PHP Professional training
  • 3 Months PHP Professional training
  • 45-day mid-semester PHP training
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